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Kosem Sultan Episode 12 Full 15 November 2016

Kösem Sultan (Turkish articulation: [cøˈsem sulˈtan]) (c. 1589[4] – 2 September 1651) – otherwise called Mahpeyker Sultan(Turkish elocution: [mahpejˈkeɾ sulˈtan]; Ottoman Turkish: ماه پيكر‎, Māh-peyker) – was a standout amongst the most capable ladies in Ottoman history.Kösem accomplished power and impacted the legislative issues of the Ottoman Empire when she got to be Haseki Sultan as most loved associate and later legitimate spouse of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I (r. 1603–1617) and Valide Sultanas mother of Murad IV (r. 1623–1640) and Ibrahim (r. 1640–1648), and grandma of Mehmed IV (r. 1648–1687). She was one of the conspicuous figures amid the Sultanate of Women.

Kösem lived in the Ottoman Empire amid the rule of six sultans, Ahmed I, Mustafa I, Osman II, Murad IV, Ibrahim, and Mehmed IV. After her passing, she was known by the names “Vālide-i Maḳtūle” (killed mother), and “Vālide-i Șehīde” (martyred mother

In early rule of Ahmed, there was an adjustment in the majestic collection of mistresses progressive system.

Safiye Sultan, Ahmed’s capable grandma who kept on dealing with the group of concubines was denied of force and resigned in Old Palace in January 1604.

After one year, Handan Sultan, Ahmed’s mom who got to be head of supreme array of mistresses as Valide Sultan kicked the bucket in November 1605. This condition allowed the ascent of Kösem to the highest point of the magnificent collection of mistresses chain of importance.

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