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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24 November 2016 Watch Full Episode Online

Watch Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 23 November 2016 full episode, online streaming in HD.Colors Tv show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki is one of the most popular shows of the small screen. The telly saga is based on the infamous concept of reincarnation and takes it to an all new level.

The telly show has interested the viewers since the beginning. Rishi and Tanu’s cute love story has won a million hearts. The two have went against their family to marry and stay with each other. Rishi’s mother hated Tanu and the rest of the Bedi family failed to accept her too. However, that didn’t affect their love equation.

Rishi and Tanu continued to battle against the odds to stay together and strong. Howeve, destiny had different plans for the lovers and Tanu dies in a fateful accident. Rishi cannot tolerate this shock and wonders how can Tanu leave him alone. She had always protected Rishi in his bad times and from all the problems in his life.

Rishi became lost in her absence and was clueless about what to do and how. He was angry with life and also Tanu for landing him in such an ugly situation all of sudden. Out of frustration, Rishi used to work whole day in office and also scream and shout at his co-employees. Then came Tanuja, Rishi’s new secretary.

Her unorganised and messy behaviour irked Rishi further and he use to always fight with her. But Tanuja turned out of be his lucky charm and protected him from unforeseen accidents. During one such occasion, Tanuja was seriously injured while trying to save Rishi. Her face was completely damaged and needed reconstruction.

Due to some confusion, Tanuja gets Tanu face. The Bedi’s are shocked to see the transformed Tanuja and believe hmthag she did it personally to enter Rishi’s life. Rishi begins to hate her further and throws Tanuja out of his house.

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24 November 2016 Full Episode

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