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Cheating Girlfriend Shamed With Humiliating Video

Oy mate, these two Australian men get together to shame their cheating girlfriend with a humiliating video bound to go viral.’I lied to my partner… please humiliate and abuse me’: Man is shamed outside train station for cheating on his girlfriend… as women take turns to pelt him with eggs

A Sydney man has been publicly shamed at a train station for reportedly committing adultery.
Wearing a milk crate over his head, the alleged cheater stood with a sandwich board as he invited passersby to throw eggs at him.
‘I lied to my partner. I broke my commitments. I am a hypocrite,’ his sign read.
‘If you have ever been hurt by a man… please humiliate and abuse me.’

Updated: November 8, 2016 — 12:38 PM

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